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4 Ideas for Romantic Surprises

When you are in a relationship or even just beginning one, it is important to let the one you are with know just how much she really means to you. With small gifts from places like Fannie May and See’s Candies, you can make huge gestures for your loved one. If you are a little rusty in the romance department or are just running out of ideas for romantic surprises, take a look below for some great ideas to get that spark lit in your relationship.

1. Chocolate

When you want to let your loved one know just how much she means to you, give her a delicious treat of gourmet chocolates or other edible treats. Ordering a chocolate basket or box of chocolate assortments is a great way to surprise your loved one and most places will deliver the gift and include a special personalized note. Other ideas for chocolate is to skip dinner and go straight to dessert and warm up some dark chocolate and create a fondue buffet filled with fruits, breads, cheeses, pretzels and other tasty items that will warm your loved one’s heart.

2. Flowers

We all expect to get flowers on special occasions and of course after a big fight, but a romantic surprise is to receive flowers for no reason at all. When you want to light up someone’s day and let her know you are thinking about her, just order some flowers and have them delivered to her home or even to work.

3. Love Notes

Leaving little love notes around the house or in a loved one’s lunchbox or briefcase is a great way to offer up some romance, and what a surprise when she sees that you have delivered a message to her throughout the day with beautiful words to let her know you care.

4. Love Songs

Even if you are not the best singer, you can still enter your loved one’s heart through music. Try sneaking a CD into the stereo in her car that is filled with songs that have meaning for you or that reflect your feelings or your relationship. It can really make someone smile when she turns on her car to hear the songs playing on the radio that you chosen for her. It can also be a good way to tell someone you love her.

The best way to offer up some romantic surprises in your relationship is to simply pay attention and listen to your partner. You will find that there are plenty of tips and hints about what she wants, would like or needs from you. Even the smallest of gestures can offer up romance; do the dishes, fix a broken lamp that has been on the shelf or give a foot rub after a long day at work. You don’t have to spend a fortune and in many cases you don’t have to spend anything at all to let the one you are with know how you feel about her.

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